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The Grey Islands

Although I was extremely alone on the Grey Islands I can honestly say that I never felt lonely. I was constantly busy with my project and with exploring the landscape. I did have a few visitors while I was out there, which was a welcome break from my normal routine. First I had a weekend visit from my friends (and fellow ceramic artists) Isabella, David and Linda, along with their friend Brian.

The following weekend I had a visit from some locals - John, Nel B, Nel C, Serena and Gar. Nel B grew up on the Grey Islands and lived there until the community was resettled in 1961. John comes from St. John's, but his father fished at the Grey Islands and therefore John spent his summers there until he was a teenager. Nel C, Serena and Gar live in nearby Conche and Englee and make a regular habit of visiting the Grey Islands during the summer. We had a great night of telling stories, singing folk songs from the Grey Islands, and, of course, drinking.

Paul Bromley is the fisherman who transported me to and from the Grey Islands. He keeps a couple of cabins out there and he and his wife Mary go out several times a year.

Jane came to visit in the middle of August which was a real treat. We spent two days going on epic hikes on the sea cliffs and cooking elaborate meals over the campfire. After Jane left, on August 17th, I didn't see another person until Paul returned to pick me up on September 16th.

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