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The Grey Islands

Three pictures of Paul Bromley's two cabins on the Grey Islands. Paul built both these cabins within the past 10 years and keeps them well maintained. There are two other habitable cabins at other locations on the island, but for some reason I never took pictures of them.

I suppose that I was more interested in the older cabins that are in a total state of dilapidation. There are about a dozen of these out there, and many of them were left just as if someone had gotten up from the table after a meal and left. From what I've heard most of these were built in the 1970s and 1980s by fishermen from nearby communities who had a family history on the Grey Islands. After the fishery collapsed in the 1990s most of the cabins fell into disuse as the population aged and people rarely needed to go out that way.

To my great surprise I came across this camp several kilometres inland. Apparently a few years ago someone tried to start an outfitter business on the island and used this camp as their base. It's not so bad that it couldn't be rebuilt, but it would certainly take some serious effort.

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