Michael Flaherty









The Grey Islands

I camped at three separate sites on the island. First I settled near Paul's cabin where I had been dropped off at the beginning of July.

Within a week I moved along the coast to a much more comfortable spot at the bottom of a hill known as Tumbler's Ridge. This site gave me better access to firewood, drinking water and the interior of the island. I stayed in this spot until about the 20th of August. The first picture shows my camp from across the cove at Little French Head - you can just see my tent as a speck of orange at the right.

As I progressed with moving my bricks inland to the kiln site it only made sense that I would move myself along with them. This camp was very close to my kiln in the Wolf's Droke, a small wooded valley where, apparently, someone once sighted a wolf. Moving inland at the end of August was a relief - by this time of the summer the wind had turned into a constant gale near the shore. It was much more sensible to be sheltered in the forest than to stay exposed to the elements. It makes me wonder why the inhabitants of the island never moved their houses farther inland. I lived in the Wolf's Droke until I left the Grey Islands on September 17th.

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