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The Grey Islands

Building an inside-out kiln might seem an absurdist exercise, but there is a strict logic to what I've done. In a completely logistical sense the bricks simply get assembled as in the above animation. But what exactly makes this kiln inside-out? The design is based on what is known as a double bourry-box wood kiln - a kiln with two combustion chambers, one on each side. Below is a schematic drawing of a typical double bourry-box, with fire boxes, ash pits and a ware chamber:

My premise for building an inside-out kiln was to split the design of the kiln in half and transpose the two halves so that the fire boxes overlap and the ware chamber ends up located on either side of the now singular fire box:

From this point it is a simple matter to remove the structurally impossible, and otherwise unnecessary, parts of the kiln to arrive at a functioning design for an inside-out kiln:

Compare this plan to an image of the actual kiln:

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