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Glaze Calculator 1.0

Glaze Calculator 1.0 - Simple
(Simple version)

Glaze Calculator 1.0 - Standard
(Slightly more complicated version)

An Excel spreadsheet for calculating the fired formula of a glaze from the glaze recipe and vice versa. I made this for doing my own glaze calculations so for the moment it has a limited list of glaze materials (although under ordinary circumstances these are the only ones I need in my glaze kitchen). Input glaze batch amounts in the "Amount" column and the spreadsheet will calculate a percentage recipe ("%"), the total loss on ignition ("LOI"), and the unity molecular formula ("Unity").

Most of the material data is taken from percentage analysis printed on the labels of the materials I buy from Pottery Supply House. I can't claim that these are accurate as I have no way of independently verifying them myself. I have yet to do the research of contacting the suppliers at the source of the individual materials to see whether these analyses are accurate. That is a project for the future.

Differences between the simple and standard versions are minimal. Simple uses just one worksheet, while standard has two identical calculators on separate worksheets, as well as a worksheet for additional material data. The standard version includes a chart of formula oxide limits and a column where you can input the target formula you are aiming for.

Please feel free to use or distribute this file as you see fit. If you have feedback feel free to email me at ceramicfundamentalist@yahoo.com