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Ditto is a parody of the infamous erotic pottery scene from the movie Ghost in which the characters (portrayed by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze) playfully work on the pottery wheel and end up in the bedroom. For a ceramic artist like me, it is the single most oppressive scene in the history of filmmaking, as it has pervaded the cultural consciousness to such a degree that it has completely excluded all other popular notions of ceramics. This pervasion manifests itself in the wearisome question every ceramicist inevitably gets: "Have you ever re-enacted that scene from Ghost?"

I didn't start out with the intention of making such a literal parody. After the video was shot I overlayed it with the music from the scene and the correlation was an astonishing coincidence -- the video and audio showed perfect synchronicity. Both song and video begin with sensuous tenderness, gradually increase their tempo, experience simultaneous climaxes, and eventually fade away. I like to think that the ghost of Patrick Swayze was sitting behind me, supernaturally guiding my hands while I was making this.